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The problem finance teams face

Even using the best accounting systems money can buy, huge process gaps still exist. The systems are mostly tied up with people sending emails to get approvals, and collecting customer documents - which makes producing audit samples a tedious task.

There's no room for error

In accounts payable, where compliance is of utmost importance, errors cannot afford to be made. Manual processes are not only way too lengthy and resource intensive, they're also prone to mistakes.

Audits are stressful

Auditing is a complex process that requires a lot of time and energy. Throw in error-ridden manual processes with paper strewn across files and offices, and you have a total nightmare on your hands.

Documents, documents everywhere

The list of documents involved in debtor management is huge. To properly manage it, finance teams have to be on top of things all the time, but manual, paper-based processes don't enable this.

Introducing Finance Portfolios

SigniFlow Portfolios help finance teams work faster and more accurately by automating and organising financial processes and documents, storing them all in a single secure, searchable document repository.

Compliance, sorted

SigniFlow offers a document portal where finance documents can be centrally managed and accessed. This significantly reduces the possibility of error, while creating a complete audit trail of the process – and compliance is sorted.

Easy-peasy audits

Finance teams can complete sign offs of all entries and reconciliations within the company and store supporting documents together for ease of access. This digital organisation assists auditors with risk assessments and detailed reports – making auditing a breeze for both finance teams and auditors.

Be in control

SigniFlow Portfolios is a customer portal, where all debtors documents are sent, signed off, managed and stored – easy to find and access at any time.

Month end signoff made easy - benefit
This centralised system puts you in full control of your debtor management. It also saves you a bunch of time (and grey hairs).


SigniFlow use cases for finance teams:

Compliance in accounts payable

Accounts Payable

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Month - End Signoff

Sign off made easy

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Debtor's portal

Debtor's Portal:
Easy document retrieval

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A tool that brings it all together for your convenience

Finance teams everywhere have spoken and we've listened. We get you. Manual processes are not only extremely time consuming, but they're incredibly messy - resulting in a chaotic, non-compliant finance department.

You need more than just eSign workflow, you need a tool that understands your day at the office.

Save time & sanity

Manage and Control

Kiss chaos goodbye & say hello to harmony
Don't waste time running around after invoice payments and approvals. Forget the email trails, collections, filing and endless document searches. Simply upload & share.


SigniFlow - Sales - Leisure-250

Anywhere, Anytime
Create a Finance Portfolio in minutes and share it with your  team or auditor. Anyone included in the portfolio can access it, from anywhere, and you will be notified of any actions taken on the fly.

Total confidence & peace of mind

SigniFlow - sales - more time

Simple & organised

SigniFlow makes it easy for finance teams to manage all their documents and processes from a single point of access.

One planet, one chance to do the right thing

Automate finance & admin processes, save time and money

Scrap paper and associated purchases, such as files, cabinets, admin stationery and resources (such as office space) dedicated specifically to filing.

Digitising your documents so they can be electronically sent, signed and stored allows you to kiss those outdated office traditions goodbye.

Instead, documents are filed automatically in your finance portfolios, which feature an intuitive search function that allows you (and other portfolio members) to quickly locate documents, and manage incoming and outgoing finance communication.

SigniFlow - Sales - Increase bottom line

Turn typing into mouse clicks

Save the documents you use often as templates and quickly retrieve them with a click of the mouse.

Save approval and eSign workflow templates and re-apply them on any document with a mouse click.

Prepare a document only once. Save your document overlay templates and re-apply them, you guessed it, with a simple click of the mouse!

Know Your Customer

SigniFlow offers basic authentication, two-factor authentication, as well as advanced, digital KYC and AML onboarding systems to help comply with regulations.

We've gone the extra mile to ensure our Advanced eSignatures are legally binding and  compliant with eSign and Privacy legislation.

SigniFlow - Document Tracking-W700

Track progress with insights

Knowing where or with whom your documents are, is super simple with SigniFlow.

Your Dashboard is designed to give you full insight over the progress and status of your documents in workflow.

Drill into detail and see who has already approved, and who still needs to eSign, and automatically push urgency notifications to approvers and signers via email.

24/7 online support

Your job doesn't begin and end inside of office hours. SigniFlow offers 24/7 online support to all customers.

No matter where you are and no matter what time it is, we are always online to help you meet your deadlines.

SigniFlow 24-7 Support

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